Dental hygienist

Entrance exams

The entrance exam will take place on June 7, 2021 and has 1 round:

June 7, 2021 – written test in biology and chemistry, with 30 questions from each subject, a total of 60 questions. Of the four possible answers, only one is the correct answer. Minimum and the maximum possible number of points: minimum 0 – maximum 60. The point limit for admission is set by the Dean based on the results of the written part. The scope of required knowledge of these subjects corresponds to the curriculum at secondary schools

The estimated number of accepted applicants is 30.

Anička Kolouchová, 2nd year of Dental hygienist

I chose this field because I am interested in health and I consider the health of the oral cavity to be very important. Many people may not be aware of this, but just working with a regular toothbrush, which at first glance may seem completely primitive, or choosing the right shape of the toothbrush makes for the population a significant problem.

At our faculty, I like the environment in which we have the opportunity to learn mainly from practical training. Since the selected lectures are interdisciplinary, you will often learn interesting information that is not directly related to your study. Last but not least, the helpfulness of teachers, who at this time especially try to find an acceptable solution, cannot be neglected.

Dagmara Cigánková, 2nd year of Dental hygienist

I chose the field of “Dental hygienist” – honestly as the second option, because the original intention was to study dentistry. In the end, I’m glad I’m here and I certainly wouldn’t change anything. The study is really high quality and up to standard. I enjoy working with patients and constantly receiving interesting information from various medical disciplines.

I like the friendly atmosphere of our faculty hand in hand with its high evaluation among other medical faculties. The quality of teaching and education was my main criterion when choosing a school.