Entrance exams

The entrance exams will take place on June 7, 2021 – June 8, 2021 and have 2 rounds

June 7, 2021 – written test in biology and physics, containing 30 questions from each subject, a total of 60 questions. Of the four possible answers, only one is the correct. Minimum and maximum possible number of points: minimum 0 – maximum 60. The point limit for advancing to the second round will be determined by the Dean on the basis of the results of the first round of the entrance examination.

June 8, 2021 – 2nd round – oral testing – includes interpretation of a popular scientific text – max. 25 points, assessment of communication skills, abilities of independent judgment, general outlook – max. 37 points (note: in the second round, abilities are evaluated, not knowledge). Minimum and maximum possible number of points for the second round: minimum 12 and maximum 62. This is the arithmetic mean of the evaluations of the three members of the examination board. The arithmetic mean is rounded to two decimal places. The point limit for admission is determined by the Dean on the basis of the results of the entrance examination. The scope of required knowledge of these subjects corresponds to the curriculum at secondary schools.

The estimated number of accepted applicants is 20

Terka Vozarová, 3rd year of Physiotherapy

The Third Faculty of Medicine is a very pleasant faculty with a friendly atmosphere, open to all. You will feel welcome everywhere and other students will be happy to help you in case of a problem. We had a part of the faculty where we get to know each other and we can organize various events and share our feelings and share experiences. I chose the Third Faculty of Medicine, precisely because of this and its own atmosphere. And what about physiotherapy, I think it is a very promising field with a great possibility of self-realization.

Daniel Beneš, 3rd year of Physiotherapy

I have been interested in medicine and sports since I was little. The field of physiotherapy was therefore a clear choice. I am satisfied with my studies at the Third Faculty of Medicine. The whole faculty has a very friendly and quiet atmosphere. I appreciate the cross year cooperation and the approach of teachers towards students. In addition, studying Physiotherapy allowed me to continue playing sports at a professional level.

Kateřina Vernerová, 3rd year of Physiotherapy

My name is Kateřina Vernerová and I am studying a bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy at the Third Faculty of Medicine at Charles University. Studying opened up new opportunities for me and brought me friends and many new experiences. Although studying can be time consuming, it will not take away your desire for other extracurricular and school activities.