First aid at the 3rd Faculty medicine

In the first year of your studies, you’ll already have your first aid classes in the summer semester. You will learn first aid through various lectures and practical classes as well as in the hospital under the supervision of experienced anesthesiologists. Furthermore, you’ll get hands-on experience during a three-day Intensive first aid course taking place in the Dobronice training centre. During the course, you’ll attend seminars and workshops and you’ll find yourself in various model situations that will prepare you for the ones in real life.


Do you enjoy first aid and emergency medicine? Are you wondering how to treat a patient in an acute life-threatening condition? If so, Acter is the right place for you!

Acter is currently organizing several projects. One of them is an elective course called ‘’Introduction to emergency medicine’’, which is available to first and second year students. In this course, you’ll get acquainted with the issues of acute medical care through seminars, practices and excursions. 

Another project is called ‘’Case report evenings with emergency medicine’’, where you can listen to interesting stories from doctors working in emergency admissions, ambulances or dispatch centres, and from paramedics. For example, last year Acter held a seminar with Vít Samek, a legendary paramedic from Prague. On top of all of that, Acter also participates in the organization of the Intensive first aid course mentioned above.

IFMSA – For life

This IFMSA project aims to spread awareness about first aid in the general population in a brisk and illustrative way. Our students organize first aid workshops in various schools, companies and other facilities. The goal of the project is for the participants to acquire theoretical and mainly practical knowledge of first aid. During the workshop, we use authentic sound recordings and resuscitation dummies. We want all participants to complete the workshop with the feeling that they know how to act and what to do in an emergency situation, where they will themselves in the role of a rescuer.