Itibo is a humanitarian development project of a medical facility under the protection of a non-governmental humanitarian organization called ADRA, o.p.s. in the southwestern part of Kenya.

The project focuses on providing medical care to people from the area, on improvement of the quality of medical care provided and on education of the health professionals.

Due to its cooperation with Czech doctors and medical faculties, a number of doctors and medical students from the Czech republic are involved in this project. Thanks to this collaboration, around 9000 patients with all kinds of injuries are treated in Itibo every year and hundreds of children are born in hospitals. Preventive dental care is also provided.

Many students from the 3rd Faculty of Medicine have already joined this project. During their time at Itibo, they gained a lot of new and useful experiences.

And if you are even more interested, you can look at the interview of MUDr. František Šalanda DiS. on DVTV with Daniela Drtinová.

Tomáš Sychra, 6th year of Czech General medicine

We experienced a lot during our stay in Itibo! For example, we tried to stop life-threatening postpartum haemorrhage with internal tamponade, external compression, oxytocin and exactly. We couldn’t do more here. Fortunately, the bleeding stopped. We reviewed the episiotomy, “finish the patient,” gave ATB. The patient was sent home with a healthy newborn, already the next morning, incomprehensibly for a European. In this case, from many similar ones, you can see how thin the line between life and death is here. It is amazing what an oasis of European medicine Aleš Bárta and his team were able to build in Itibo. All honour!

Spending time in an environment like Itibo makes you think a lot. It is one thing to dress and look like a doctor from Grey’s Anatomy, but it is another to have experience, knowledge, intuition for the ability to make the right decision. These are the things a clinician hones during his whole life. At this point, the attributes mentioned above are an endless question for me, whether I should really become a clinician.

Jakub Slezák, 6th year of Czech General Medicine

From the point of view of medical practice, I simply consider an internship at ITIBO to be an invaluable experience. Undoubtedly, this was the most direct contact with clinical medicine for me, and I strongly doubt that by the time I take up my job, I will experience something that is at least a little closer to the experience of the mission in Kenya. During the demanding month spent in this small medical facility, my classmates and I reached the limits of our strengths and for the first time experienced a sense of direct responsibility for the patient. We had the opportunity to find out what we can do and what we have to work on, what it’s like to work under pressure, tired, but also how important it is to ask questions and ask for the help of a more experienced person. I really enjoyed the whole stay and without hesitation I would do it again!

Vinohradská trojka

Vinohradská trojka, or just V3, is a charity run that was established in 2015.

Initially, the event was intended for students and employees of the faculty hospital. In addition to its charity purpose, the main goal was to provide students and staff with the opportunity to meet in an informal, sports-oriented environment that would allow them to forget about the usually respected academic hierarchy.

One of the main priorities of this charity event is to raise funds for the Itibo hospital in Kenya. These can be used to purchase surgical and other medical equipment and to support the management of the hospital. 

Beneficial gala evening for Itibo

It is a benefit gala evening for the Czech hospital in Itibo, Kenya. In the past, the evening included performances from the acrobatics-dance group Vertigo, Jiří Ševčík and his band, Bohuš Matuš, Leona Machálková and others. Its purpose was to support a non-profit project organized by ADRA – a small Czech hospital in Itibo, Kenya. This festive evening full of music, entertainment, dance and pleasant atmosphere managed to collect a recording yield of 1,255,420 Czech crowns.