Student facilities

Does our faculty offer study rooms?

We have great news for you! There are many of them and you can choose the one that suits you the best.

If you don’t mind studying in a slightly busy environment, there is a study area in front of the Syllabova hall or on the entire sixth floor. You won’t have 100% silence there, but a lot of enthusiastic colleagues from all the study years will be happy to help you if you can’t figure something out.

On the other hand, if you need complete peace to study, then do not hesitate to use the quiet study room on the second floor or the library, where you’ll have the opportunity to focus completely.

Are you wondering where to eat well and save your wallet at the same time?

If you don’t have much time to spare and you want to eat fast, we are happy to tell you more about the buffet at 3LF! You can choose a hot meal from the daily menu (there is a vegetarian option as well) or just buy a baguette or a salad. In case you didn’t get much sleep at night or you’re tired after a long day of school, make sure that you try the buffet’s excellent coffee for a good student price!

Another option is the cafeteria at the faculty hospital, which is located next to the Pavilion S. In order to dine there, you need to get a card at the study division. Then you can top up the card with money at the reception window on the left when entering the cafeteria building. After that you can order lunches for the following week on the touch machine that is located opposite of the window. The portions are significantly larger than in the buffet. If you know that you’ll spend the whole day at school, you better visit the hospital cafeteria for lunch. 

If you don’t want to order pizza from a delivery service or you’re running from a hospital practice and you simply don’t have time to have a proper lunch in the cafeteria or buffet, we highly recommend you to visit the pizza stand in the hospital area. The older students can confirm that their true love for this pizza started in their second year during their breaks from autopsy practices in the Pavilion CH.

Little Eden

In the end, we must not forget our beloved Little Eden – a student cafe right in front of the faculty. After all the successfully passed tests, exams or just after a long day with a circle at the faculty, your steps will certainly lead there! At the 3rd Faculty of Medicine, there is no person who would not get this place to heart with his first visit. You will meet new people here, who will always be happy to take you among themselves, no matter what study year you are from, maybe this is where you will find new best friends. With the “Zelená” in hand, friendships are always best established.